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Experience the best care for your eyes with the leading eye specialist doctor in Chembur - Dr Nandita Rane. With quality treatments, the finest professionals, and the determination to offer services beyond the ordinary, we provide you with holistic solutions that give you the results you want for the window of your soul.

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2nd Floor Rane Hospital, Pestom Sagar Rd Number 2, Chembur, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400089

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Monday – Saturday: 4 PM – 8 PM

Sunday: Closed

Dr Nandita Rane’s clinic is where excellence meets precision, the one-stop clinic for all your eye care needs. Established to cater to people’s vision, Dr Nandita Rane’s clinic is on a mission to offer treatments and solutions that are the epitome of perfection making it the best eye clinic near me that you can search for. Accurate treatments are crafted by the best experts in the industry to give accurate results for your vision. We always have an eye on your eyes to give them the best care and cure they need.

Each treatment is meticulously led by the experienced ophthalmologist in Chembur, Dr Nandita Rane to treat the sensitive organ with preciseness and to offer a crystal-clear vision that everyone deserves. Our belief is strongly rooted in the concept of ‘internal healing augments outer healing’, therefore, we ensure to study each patient in detail, clear their doubts and give them solutions not just for their eyes but also to heal them from any insecurities that may hinder their recovery.

Dr Nandita Rane aims to become the ‘best eye specialist near me’ that you can search for and works for it by treating a host of eye-related issues such as primary open angle glaucoma, pseudoexfoliation syndrome and other conditions in collaboration with the esteemed Department of Visual Sciences (DOVS). We have our doors and ears open for every query concerned with your eyes because we believe that the right information and help can prevent serious future complications.

Disclaimer: Any information present on the website must be followed only after consulting a doctor. The sole purpose of creating content is to educate the viewers about eye health and to make them aware of the solutions and treatments we offer. Please note that no information mentioned on the website is to be considered as the doctor's personal suggestion or recommendation. To treat an eye condition, it is imperative to consult the doctor as the treatments are designed as per the severity of your condition. Hence, we suggest booking an appointment with Dr Nandita Rane and availing of the best treatment for your eyes.